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Read the entirety of the user manual before taking your first ride. Especially the 'Safety', 'Folding' and 'Unfolding the Bike', 'Preparing to Ride', and 'Operating Safety sections'. The page number of these sections can be found by referring to the table of contents at the beginning of the user manual.

Here is our 'First Ride' YouTube video that will walk you through how to set up your new eBike:

Below are some key points and steps from the User Manual and First Ride video!

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Congratulations on your purchase of a new Lectric XP eBike! Your bike comes in the box fully assembled.

Inside the box, you will find your new bike, a charger, keys, and a user manual. Before removing the packaging material from the bike, remove all items from the box and make sure everything listed above is present. If anything is missing or damaged contact Lectric eBikes immediately for assistance.

The bike may require adjustments upon being received and unboxed, as shipping can sometimes be bumpy. When doing your first adjustment and inspecting the bike before riding we recommend seeking professional help from a reputable, certified bicycle mechanic.

Unfold your bike and insert the handlebars. For more information please refer to the 'Unboxing' section in the user manual.
1. Check that the tire and the tire bead are seated just inside the rim. Inflate your bike tires to a pressure that is within the recommended range printed on the side of the bike tire sidewalls. When inflating, gradually inflate in 5-10PSI increments while checking to make sure the tire bead is fully seated on the rim. If you notice the tire bead is not fully seated at any point during inflation, deflate the tire completely and reseat the tire bead before reinflating.

2. Check your seatpost clamp and handlebar stem quick releases. Unlatch the quick releases and tighten by turning the bolt clockwise. Make sure both quick releases are tightened to the torque listed in the Recommended Torque Values section of this manual. The page number of this section can be found by referring to the table of contents at the beginning of this manual.

3. Ensure both your seatpost and handlebar stem are inserted past their minimum insertion points as indicated by the markings on them. Reference the Preparing to Ride section of this manual for photos and complete instructions. Failure to insert past the minimum insertion point will place undue stress on these components increases the risk of sudden failure potentially resulting in harm, injury, or death.

4. Check to make sure your frame folding latch and handlebar folding latch are locked. Reference the Folding and Unfolding the Bike section of this manual for photos and complete instructions. The page number of this section can be found by referring to the table of contents at the beginning of this manual. Double check to make sure both latches are secure and locked before riding. Failure to do so may result in the bike folding while in use potentially causing serious harm to the rider.
Turn the bike on
5. Ensure your battery is fully charged before your first ride.

7. If the battery is not already inside the bike, slide it inside of the frame and lock it in position. Make sure the battery is all the way inside the bike. Once the battery is secured inside, insert the key into the battery via the port on the underbelly of the frame near the seatpost. See the Battery section of this manual for further information on the operation of the battery.

8. Push the key in firmly. When looking at the battery from below, turn the keys clockwise to lock the battery to the bike, and turn it to the ON position. You will not be able to remove the keys

9. Hold down the power button on the button pad located on the left handlebar until the display comes on.
Operating your bike
10. Select a level of pedal assist using the plus and minus buttons on the button pad. Pedal assist level 1 is the lowest level of assist and pedal assist level 5 is the highest level of assist. Level zero will provide no assistance.

11. The right handlebar features a half twist throttle. To operate the throttle, ensure the pedal assist level is set above 0, then twist the throttle back slowly according to how much speed and acceleration you want to achieve. The farther you twist the throttle from its resting position, the more power propels the bike forward. When the bike is at a complete stop, turn the display off. This will ensure that the motor will not activate until the display is turned back on and the rider is ready to go.
Note: Exercise extreme caution using the twist throttle. When at a complete stop with the bike turned on, be careful not to twist the throttle unknowingly or the bike could throw you off balance and cause serious harm, injury, or death.)

12. To turn on the headlight and tail light, press and hold the plus button on the button pad. The battery must be inside the bike when it is in its unfolded position in order for the headlight to work.

Now you're ready to ride! Happy trails!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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